iClick2Learn Recognised Globally in Business Worldwide Awards

iClick2Learn wins Best Digital eLearning Agency for Not-for-profit Organizations and Social Enterprise of the Year – Australia.

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Asia-Pacific Business Awards 2020

Each year, the Business Worldwide Awards celebrates businesses and individuals that have demonstrated excellence. This year’s nominations have been judged and the winners announced. iClick2Learn is thrilled to have been recognised as winners in not one, but two, categories: Best Digital eLearning agency for Not-for-Profit Organisations and Social Enterprise of the Year. 

iClick2Learn CEO Natalie Bramble said, “2020 was a challenge for all of us, for the community, business owners, families and individuals. Business agility and resilience of not-for-profits and community organisations was essential to continue much-needed services.” 

“So, to begin 2021 with these achievements has given iClick2Learn reasons to smile and celebrate. We’ve not only been recognised for providing excellent content in our eLearning library but our impact as a certified social enterprise was reinforced, too.” 

“We’re starting the year on a high.  Our team is pumped, we’ve got a lot of plans to make a huge impact building the knowledge and capacity in our community volunteers and board members.” 

Judging for the Business Worldwide Awards was extensive. All nominations, which came from a range of countries, regions and sectors were scrutinised by a research panel according to each award category criteria. Nominations that passed this stage were then moved on to an official interview process, with detailed and specific questions. Results from these interviews were written up as reports which were further analysed by a panel of international business leaders.

An article about iClick2Learn was featured in the Spring issue of Business Worldwide Magazine. You can read it below.

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Asia-Pacific Business Awards 2020


Natalie Bramble

Natalie Bramble-Dunkley



The Education Hub That’s Connecting  Communities

Co-founder and CEO of certified social enterprise iClick2Learn, Natalie Dunkley-Bramble, has turned more than 14 years’ experience in the NFP sector to create Australia’s most comprehensive learning library. It offers on-demand content for volunteers, charity organisations and community-based staff. 

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Situated just under 400 kilometres  north-west of Sydney, Australia is the  country township of Dubbo. As of June  2020, Dubbo’s population was 35,845  and it is the 14th most populous place in  New South Wales. The inland region is  home to worldwide attractions such as the Dubbo Taronga Western Plains Zoo and the award-winning Dubbo Japanese  Garden. It’s now the setting of Australia’s  only certified social enterprise for online  learning, iClick2Learn. 

CEO and Cofounder Natalie Bramble-Dunkley along with her husband Glen Dunkley run and operate iClick2Learn from their detached home office right in the heart of the Dubbo township. And while Dubbo has many of the retail  offerings metropolitan cities enjoy, there  are some disparities that living in a regional town such as Dubbo presents. 

One disadvantage Natalie herself witnessed – not only through being a resident of a regional town but also her own consultancy work – was access to affordable, scalable, quality training for regional 

businesses. Natalie says it was the same story for volunteers wanting to become more competent and confident in their roles.  

“Through my consultancy work, I saw many barriers to quality training. Many of them were the logistics and scalability of affordable and accessible training.  

“Face-to-face training is resource-heavy. That’s not to say that it isn’t valuable. It is, but it’s not the only model in which to share knowledge, and it isn’t always going to be the right fit for everyone. And finding the right workshop or the right trainers and facilitators is time-consuming, both for the individual and for leadership teams responsible for their staff’s learning and development. 

“I wanted to see a structure in which learning and training within the not-for-profit sector were equitable to all people,  all the time, without expensive over heads, travel, time constraints and lack of facilitators and trainers,” Natalie said.  Natalie’s a solutions-focused person 

and wanted to make a positive impact on the sector she loves (for years Natalie’s been a volunteer herself). So, with the help of her iClick2Learn team, Natalie transformed her 14-plus years of training and consultancy work into a comprehensive eLearning library. Its focus is the provision of quality, customisable,  on-demand, blended-learning resources that ensure learning is accessible, affordable, and equitable for all volunteers and staff within the not-for-profit, community and charity sectors. 

From little things, big things grow

What started as a humble dream with a far-reaching focus has this year gained real validation and recognition. In 2020  alone – a year of global unease – iClick 2Learn has been certified as a social enterprise; Natalie has won a prestigious  Rare Birds mentorship program working with acclaimed women business leaders;  and iClick2Learn has now added to its accolades, Business Worldwide Magazine’s ‘Best Digital eLearning Agency for  Not-for-profit Organizations’ and ‘Social  Enterprise of the Year – Australia’. Not only is iClick2Learn a comprehensive learning platform with extensive   

Asia-Pacific Business Awards 2020


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on-demand, sector-specific content, but it’s also a social enterprise that has in its very DNA the 17 United Nations (UN)  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Natalie explained, “Through the process of working with the Cartier Women’s Initiative and with the Social Traders certification process I spent a lot of time looking at our Social Impact Model. I noticed that many of our values were  already alighted to the UN SDGs.”

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals are: 

  1. No poverty 
  2. Zero hunger 
  3. Good health and wellbeing 
  4. Quality education 
  5. Gender equality 
  6. Clean water and sanitation 
  7. Affordable and clean energy
  8. Decent work and economic growth
  9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure 
  10. Reduced inequalities 
  11. Sustainable cities and communities 
  12. Responsible consumption and production  
  13. Climate action 
  14. Life below water
  1. Life on land
  2. Peace, justice and strong institutions  
  3. Partnerships for the goals 

Because the team at iClick2Learn were able to strongly and clearly demonstrate the methodology and evidence about how it implements its Social Impact Model, the certification body Social Traders awarded iClick2Learn an additional 12-months certification on top of the standard 12-months.  

Embracing technology 

The iClick2Learn team is a remote one,  with some team members working in an entirely different state to headquarters. However, because of Natalie’s enthusiasm for technology as a means of business efficacy, the outputs and impact of the iClick2Learn team have remained undisrupted by COVID-19. 

This use of technology has allowed the team to continue to create content for the eLearning library. But additionally, it’s been able to help reinvigorate the conversation that decision-makers within small-to-medium government agencies must have with member associations to ensure their staff are up-to-date and able to comply with legal requirements. 

iClick2Learn offers a customisable learning hub specifically designed for agencies that want to deliver training but prefer to minimise associated costs such as hiring venues, catering, finding, and hiring trainers and facilitators. There’s also the added bonus of being able to record and edit training sessions for volunteers and staff who are unable to attend. 

The customisable hub allows organisations to purchase a branded, licenced portal that combines the content iClick2Learn already has with its powerful learning management system. This presents huge opportunities for agencies to become content creators, with their own learning and development department. 

Another handy function within this hub is the Record Yourself tool. It allows the organisation to record and create its own videos for quick, easy information-sharing across the organisation.

Ripples of positive social change 

Natalie and the team at iClick2Learn firmly operate with the belief that buying from a social enterprise positively impacts the community on many levels. 

“Our business positioning is that help build healthy, sustainable communities and the way that we do that is we provide skills, knowledge and learning to the very people that are in these community organisations that are responsible for, and are the drivers of change. Without investing in the capacity of those people, the amount of change is reduced as is the positive impact they can have in the community. 

“Because our students and organisations have invested in us and we cycle 100% of our profits back into our content. Not only are our members and organisations getting all these learning benefits, but they know that together we’ve been able to create positive, big, life-affirming  impact that will hopefully be felt for generations to come,” Natalie said. 

If you’d like to know more about  individual memberships, group  pricing or a customised learning  solution, or want to speak with  Natalie, please go to https://iclick2learn.com.au/ 


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