COVID-19 Toolkit

A toolkit to help your community organisation navigate the world of working from home and service planning during COVID-19.  

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Hand-curated micro-learning short videos giving you knowledge and practical actions to help you start, build and grow your organisation. 

People involving in volunteering work

How to Get Volunteers More Engaged Post-Covid

While many tried-and-true methods of engaging volunteers are still valid, revisiting your organisation’s tactics and strategies post-Covid is essential. A lot has changed over a relatively short time, including people’s hopes and expectations for volunteer opportunities.
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Meetings via Technology

Meetings via Technology

8 foolproof tips to continue your good work and run your online meetings safely during COVID
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Guy working from home

Setting up Your Home Office

5 things to consider when you're setting up your home office.
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Change mapping

The Process of Change Mapping

When the environment we’re delivering our projects, programs and services change, then we need to think about how we will change what we’re doing. This video series gives you a great overview of key considerations to map your new approach.
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Working from home

Tips for Working Outside the Office

Our CEO Natalie has been working outside the office for over 20 years. She shares some practical considerations for working outside the office.  From how to develop positive habits to software and security.
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Guided courses taking you through a specific topic. From short topic focused courses or deeper dive courses on specific subjects. 

Deliveries in Covid

Volunteering During COVID [Course]

Volunteers are vital to a healthy community, especially during a pandemic like COVID-19. This free course will give you practical tips to stay safe while volunteering in this challenging time.
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