Funding Training for Organisations

Having a well-funded organisation benefits everyone involved. And finding funding is one of the most critical requirements for sustainability. Learning how to secure funding from winning grants and running events is essential for survival.

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Strategic Objectives

There are strategic objectives to support the community organisations so they are successful with the budget. Many funders look at the sustainability of such groups before granting them any additional funding. So providing guidance on how to apply for grants and tenders is the obvious choice.

Upskilling should be straightforward

Organisations should be able to get access to low-cost training when they need it and be a straightforward process.

Why would you waste time applying for grants,tenders and sponsorship applications that continue to be unsuccessful without having the professional tips and tricks to succeed?

There should be options to train how to get funding and the training should be easy to understand and delivered in a way that suits everyone. 


There's challenges to
get people trained

We know you’ve got this challenge to achieve a healthy, resilient and inclusive community without a huge budget or resources.

And often there’s only one or 2 people to do all the work while still running grants programs, doing admin, writing newsletters and coordinating groups and projects.

We know that you’re under pressure and you’ve got these challenges, and we helped others just like you to succeed.  

We've been there

We’ve written hundreds of grants, tenders and sponsorship applications from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars with a success rate above 80%. Which is well above the average. 

We have worked with state and national not-for-profit industry associations from a minister endorsed statewide rollout of governance training 

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How we can help

Grant and tender writing, attracting funders, partnerships and sponsorships are just some of the subjects that will have a lasting impact on your community. 

If you’re trying to provide community members with valuable training, but you’re struggling with the time and resources it takes to create that material in-house, then we’d like to help. Your organisation will be on their way to grow and become more sustainable.     

Fundraising Topics

These valuable learning topics will help your organisation secure its future. Grant and tender writing, attracting funders, partnerships and sponsorships are just some of the subjects that will have a lasting impact on your community.

  • Developing a fundraising plan
  • Attracting and retaining funders
  • Sponsorship: 101 or Advanced sessions
  • Developing partnerships: : 101 or Advanced
  • Tender writing: 101 or Advanced sessions
  • Grant writing: 101 or Advanced sessions
  • Raising funds online
  • Developing budgets
  • Analysing and understanding financial reports

How would you like to learn?

Learn Online anytime anywhere

Learning online gives you the freedom to learn in your own time at your own leisure. Learn with bite size articles, videos and interviews. Deep dive into online courses with certificates.

Face-to-face and online training

Face to face gives gives you the ability to learn in a group and interact with the trainer. Workshops can be modified to suit your particular application. We can also create tailored solutions for your organisation

Consulting & Mentoring

Find guidance from an expert in a confidential environment. Learn from someone with lived experience who has been there and done it before and made all the mistakes so you don’t have to.


Facilitation helps guide respectful conversations where the facilitator is not emotionally connected to the organisation. The facilitator can bring their own experiences and examples to the conversation so its relatable for attendees.

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Certified Social Enterprise

iClick2Learn is a Social Enterprise certified by Social Traders. This means profits made go directly back into producing more learning materials and supports our social return on investment.

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