Not for profit board and committee governance

Governance  training, mentoring, assessments and audits   

Using personal knowledge and real-world examples, Natalie helps boards, CEOs, management teams, and committees, understand how to practically apply good governance.

As a founding trainer of the Institute of Community Directors, and Our Community, Natalie regularly delivers certified (up to Diploma level) and customised training programs.

Natalie makes (what can be) a boring subject, fun, relevant, and interesting, while transferring knowledge, and increasing individual capacity, to understand and apply: legislation, frameworks, systems, and processes, in their own non-profit and corporate business environments.

"Thanks so much for your excellent training session yesterday with the ACCAN Board. Their first meeting together today went very well and I am sure it assisted greatly by your training on governance the day before. The time spent and your skillful facilitation ensured the Board had the conversations they needed to have in a comfortable and supported manner."
Terese Corbin
CEO Australian Communications Consumer Action Network
" Attended my first board meeting since the workshop and it made a huge difference to me in confidence and influencing the board to take on some more rigor and processes. It won’t all happen overnight but incrementally I know I can make a difference."
Robert Crowe
"Natalie is a wealth of information on business governance and legislation and gave me support, advice and direction throughout my diploma studies. Natalie’s bubbly personality and ability to interact and engage me in all subject materials made my classroom days enjoyable. Natalie’s professionalism and knowledge is to be admired and is what makes her such an amazing trainer and assessor. Nothing was ever too much trouble her for! Thank you for helping me achieve such high results in my diploma."
Lady with smile
Samantha Williamson
Director, Warrawee Care Centre
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Project Project
Organisational analysis Governance systems analysis
Board and director analysis Policy evaluation and development
Board inductions Strategic planning
Constitutional reviews Financial reporting and management
Delegations of authority Roles and responsibilities
Membership packaging Governance vs Management
Planning, monitoring, and evaluation Defining statement of purpose (mission), vision, and objectives
Asset management Program and service delivery, planning, and evaluation
Board portfolios and reporting Insurance and contracts management
Volunteer management Managing conflicts and negotiations
Partnership development Clusters, mergers, and alliance models
​CEO recruitment and selection ​Succession planning
Director recruitment Skills based board appointments
Develop funding strategies Board communication portals
​Procure sponsors and supporters ​Marketing and communication strategies

Typical comments from clients and workshop participants*:

‘Thanks for keeping what can be a boring topic (Governance) so fun and interesting!’

‘I really appreciated the inclusion of additional related material and the willingness of the facilitator to respond to our needs’

Great training. I learnt quite a few new things and have also been given the opportunity to take my existing knowledge to a deeper level’

Natalie is a great trainer and really knows her stuff! Very interactive

‘The knowledge and expertise of the presenter really made this worthwhile

Everyone on our management team would benefit from this workshop’

WOW, this has shown me so much that I didn’t know!’

‘Natalie is an excellent presenter with practical and expert experience

*Randomly selected from feedback forms and emails received with some minor spelling and grammar changes.

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