Learning Methodology

For not-for-profit and government who require relevant and quality online training. iClick2Learn partners with you to provide valuable long-term projects to deliver impact on your industry. 



Resource constraints can make it challenging to maintain ongoing high-quality training. Every year, the cost of providing compliant and accessible training is increasing. This often results in just delivering ‘less of the same’ while still trying to improve attendance and learning outcomes. Even with resources constraints, we will help you meet your organisation’s objectives with training that:

  • Improves your return on investment;
  • Reduces attendance costs;
  • Is scalable to any number of participants;
  • Lowers cost per participant;
  • Reduces staff workloads;
  • Saves time with an automated system. 


Compliance is important to all organisations, whether internal for managers and staff or external regulatory compliance.

Today, more and more training is required to meet these obligations and the problem will only get worse over time.

As your shared value partner, iClick2Learn will help you develop training with the unique features of:

  • Adapting content to rapid change;
  • Keeping the key messages consistent ;
  • Accurate data collection, analysis and reporting;
  • Verified learning outcomes



Relevance of training to your organisation or sector can be difficult to maintain in a constantly changing environment and is a problem many government and Not-For-Profits are likely to face. Learning styles, delivery methods and content can all affect the relevance of training.

With advances in technology and an increased understanding of how adults learn, you can now provide flexible and engaging training that improves learning outcomes by using:

  • Delivery methods tailored the subject matter and learner;
  • Content that is linked to scenarios, and settings that are familiar to the learner;
  • A learning management system that can easily update information;
  • A range of delivery options;
  • On-demand learning which can be accessed anywhere, anytime. 


Quality training delivers learning outcomes with a broader impact for your organisation or community. However, there is more to training than just broadcasting information.

Effective training content and delivery is learner-centered, engaging and improves participation. Provide innovative training that meets the demands of the modern learner by using:

  • Research-based adult learning methods;
  • Experienced instructional designers;
  • Subject matter experts experienced in the sector;
  • Strategies which promote knowledge retention that converts to action; 
  • A  Learning Management System LMS 

How we do it

I.M.P.A.C.T.  Methodology

Our IMPACT methodology is a learning-centred approach to training content development and delivery. This was created from research demonstrating that understanding the learner and developing delivery strategies to engage them, improves outcomes and long-term retention of information.  

Impact Methodology Image

Ways to work with us:

  • Project-based partnership
  • Grant funded learning projects
  • Shared value opportunities
  • Commercialisation partner
  • Partner to build your digital learning strategy 
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