Management Training for Individual Members

Managing an organisation is detailed, stressful and ever changing. There’s pressure from funders, staff, board, volunteers to make the best decision possible and there are external pressures that can influence the outcome.  

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Managing means work

Often you need to swap between hard and soft skills every day. It’s hard work and draining to think of all the different scenarios. There’s an expectation to piece all the parts together, and make the right decisions

You need to make informed decisions on managing people, managing assets and constant changes in the organisation. There’s updating policies and procedures, gaining accreditation and rolling out new services or programs. 

We know some ‌situations you’ve faced have kept you up all night, running through different scenarios and wondering what you’ve been missing.

Managing an organisation should be straightforward

There are loads of things to consider, and mistakes can be costly

Your team needs someone to guide them to being an effective team member and creating the team culture.

They need someone to take care of problems that inevitably come up in any business.

You should have somewhere to go for support or turn to for advice and be able to access tips and tricks from people with years of experience to help avoid those nasty surprises relevant to your role and the sector.

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We've been there

Managing an organisation is complex work. Add to that the complexities of the not-for-profit sector balancing power plays, funding pressure and people’s personalities and goals with the limited resources you have and some days you probably feel like going into your special place. 

But, then you realise you need to get this thing worked out so you can get back to making a difference in your community.

So, you need to know enough that you won’t make mistakes you’ll regret, but getting a consultant might be beyond your resources.

We’ve experienced the impact of poor management. The lack of knowledge and confidence has resulted in making poor decisions.  

How we can help

Our experience gives you the tools to guide effective decision making as our social enterprise has grown and the sector changes.

We’ve managed organisations, people and assets; successfully guiding them through change.

You don’t have to go down the same road as we’ve done, spending years learning the right approach and having to figure it all out yourself. 

You’re already working hard and busy enough in your role. You know it won’t magically fix itself so now’s the time to take charge right now.

By learning new skills, you’ll be on your way and gaining courage and confidence in your role to tackle the challenges you face every day.

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Management and Leadership Topics

Leading and managing organisations and clubs can be rewarding and challenging. Learn how to negotiate complex situations and build a great team. Our resources will show you effective strategies and practical tips for managing your most important resource.

  • Managing Conflicts
  • How to have difficult conversations
  • Managing Volunteers
  • Inducting Staff, Volunteers and Contractors
  • Volunteer management
  • Time Management
  • Delivering better Customer Service
  • Systems and Compliance
  • Policies, Procedures and Systems Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Setting up operational and governance structures
  • Operational and business planning
  • Compliance management
  • Report Writing
  • Strategic Risk Management

How would you like to learn?

Learn Online anytime anywhere

Learning online gives you the freedom to learn in your own time at your own leisure. Learn with bite size articles, videos and interviews. Deep dive into online courses with certificates.

Face-to-face and online training

Face to face gives gives you the ability to learn in a group and interact with the trainer. Workshops can be modified to suit your particular application. We can also create tailored solutions for your organisation


Find guidance from an expert in a confidential environment. Learn from someone with lived experience who has been there and done it before and made all the mistakes so you don’t have to.

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