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Nowadays, it’s a constant challenge to maintain ongoing high quality training with limited resources. Every year, the cost of providing compliant and accessible training is increasing. And we all want flexible training delivery that fits into our work-life schedule. But we don’t all have the time to sit through long training sessions and besides, travelling to face to face training is not always an option. These should not be a barrier to increasing your knowledge to help your community.

The reason we exist is to remove these barriers of access and training, particularly in the current environment. That’s why we have made our comprehensive learning library affordable for everyone.

And because we are a certified’ social enterprise, which means profits from membership sales go straight back into developing more content for the library, and for your community. It’s a win-win for everyone.


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Take a look at the resources included in the Premium Membership library

  • All Categories
  • Boards and Committees
  • Child Safety
  • Courses
  • Events
  • Financials
  • Fundraising
  • Grants and Tenders
  • Human Resources
  • Legals
  • Marketing
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All Categories
  • All Categories
  • Boards and Committees
  • Child Safety
  • Courses
  • Events
  • Financials
  • Fundraising
  • Grants and Tenders
  • Human Resources
  • Legals
  • Marketing
  • Operational Systems
  • Partnerships
  • Personal Development
  • Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Volunteers
  • Webinars
Evaluating boards

Assessing and Evaluating Boards And Committees [Course]

It’s essential that all board members take the job seriously and ensure they are working together as an efficient and effective team.
7 Ms of marketing

7 Steps to Marketing Your Organisation [Course]

Increase volunteers, secure more money and attract clients and partners to your community organisation
Events on a budget

7 Tips to Deliver Events on a $0 Budget [Course]

We take you through 7 energy-themed sessions exploring multiple tips and strategies you can use to reduce the cost of your event.
work from desk

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Web Designer [Course]

There are so many websites designers to choose from now, but how do you know if the web designer is delivering a quality site? This ...
Avoid 6 Common Mistakes Submission Writers Make

Avoid the 6 Common Mistakes Submission Writers Make [Course]

The main reason that judges don't say yes is that you don't give them the information they need.
Stake Holder Communication Plan

Your Easy Stakeholder Communication Plan [Course]

If you don’t have a communication plan for your stakeholders you could lose funding; support and future opportunities.
Designated roles

Designated Roles Within a Management Committee

How your constitution works and what you need to know about it. Help smooth communications between committee and staff using these roles.
General Management Committee

General Committee Members

Understand the key role of general members with this quick guide.
Two men shaking hands

Induction for New Members

Get new high quality members who add value to your organisation
Attracting Committee Members

Attracting New Committee Members

Get new high quality members who add value to your organisation.Get the word out and inspire high-quality people to join your committee.
New members

Creating a Positive Volunteer Culture

Why creating a great volunteer culture in your organisation will build success

Volunteer Costs and Reimbursements

Why you'll want to know the cost of volunteering before you sign up

People who Volunteer

How to you can learn the ropes as a new volunteer in an organisation.
Grant writing

An Intro to Writing Grant Submissions

Why writing winning grant applications benefits you and your community
Position Description

Volunteer Position Description

Why your volunteer job description will help you achieve your goals
5 Committee Members

5 Committee Roles Explained

A short video series explaining the roles of the Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President, Grievance Officer and President.

What’s in a Constitution?

How to meet your legal requirements and get your constitution up to scratch.

Should we Incorporate?

Are you part of a group, club, or society thinking of incorporating? Here are the pro's and con's of incorporating.
Online interview

Great Tips on how to Approach a Funding Pitch

Learn the top 5 tips for delivering a panel based pitch. An interview with Suzy Miller

Volunteer Induction [Course]

The induction eCourse is suitable for first time volunteers and as a refresher for existing volunteers.

Volunteering 101 [Course]

In the eCourse, you’ll learn: knowing yourself as a volunteer, volunteer organisations, volunteer roles, and how to stay safe in your role.

So You’re a Volunteer! What now?

What are the foundational things you need to ask yourself when you start your volunteering role.
Volunteer Safety

How to Stay Safe While Volunteering

How to you can stay safe as a volunteer by proactively addressing risks, how to complete an incident report and your volunteer insurance.
Volunteer Supervisor

Volunteer Supervisor

Why a volunteer co-ordinator or volunteer supervisor is essential to successful volunteer teams.
Legal Responsibilities

Legal Responsibilities of Committee Members

Want your members to know their legal duties? Brush up on these basics.
Risk Management

Why Risk Training is a Great Thing for Volunteers to Have

How the right safety training will reduce the risks to you and others, and how you can be actively involved and well informed in an ...

Align Strategy and Finances

Maximise your potential by making a plan that covers all of your bases
Financial Health

How to Assess your Financial Health

4 video series explaining essential ways for you to assess your organisation's financial health, why you should book an appointment to assess your financial health ...
Key Financial Terms

Key Financial Terms

9 essential key words to decode your finances and unlock your success
Paying Members

Paying Committee Members

Important things you should consider before deciding to pay members.
Understanding your balance sheet

Understanding your Balance Sheet

3 sections of your balance sheet explained so it makes sense

Fundraising for Your Service

12 ways you can supercharge your organisation's fundraising efforts
What is DGR Status

What is DGR status?

Why you want DGR status and how it'll boost donations to your association
What is risk management

What is Risk Management

3 most forgotten risks you can't afford to leave out of your risk planning
Financial Controls

Financial Controls

Asking these 9 financial questions will prevent errors, theft and fraud.
Monitoring your Financial Position

Monitoring your Financial Position

4 things that give you the power to keep your finance on its top game.
Risk Management Plans

How to Start a Risk Management Plan

3 simple questions to ask to help you start your risk management plan
Risk Management

What is Risk Management?

What risk management is and why you need it
Forecasting your financial future

Forecasting your Financial Future is the key to Financial Success

Understanding forecasting to keep your financial health on track.
Financial Reports

Why you Need Financial Reports to Help Make Decisions

The key reports you need to keep on top of your financials
What are audits

What are Audits and Which one do I Need?

What audits are and what you should do to prepare
Team members discussing about finance

Financial Controls That Protect you and Your Organisation

The financial controls you need to safeguard your organisation's future
4 Ways To Think About Risk Management

4 Ways to Think About Risk Management

4 secrets of mastering the way you think about risk management planning
Risk Management Plans for Services

Risk Management Plans for Services

5 practical steps to turn your risk management plan into a functional reality
Risk Management Plan

Risk Management Plans

5 practical steps to turn your risk management plan into a functional reality
What questions to ask

Become an Effective Board Member

How to know what you're signing-up for before you join a board or committee.
reading financial statements

Understanding how to Read and Analyse your Financial Statements

Key ways to gauge your financial strengths and weakness.
Ethical and Effective workplace

How you can Create an Ethical and Effective Workplace Using Simple Strategies

Simple strategies to reduce conflict and strengthen your culture.
Measuring and managing performance

Measuring and Managing the Performance of Your People

How performance reviews in your service build a more effective organisation
How to develop meaning in your marketing messages

How to Develop Meaning in Your Marketing Messages

Why sharing the story of your community impact is important
Develop your marketing message

Develop your Marketing Messages

How to develop your message for campaigns targeting your personas
Digital Storytelling

Why you Need Digital Storytelling to get Your Marketing Message Heard

Why you need digital storytelling to get your marketing message heard

Myth-busting Social Media Costs and Benefits

Social Media is fabulous - or is it? Delve into the myths and truths of social media.
Marketing Engagement

Market Engagement

How to choose the mediums you use to engage with your markets

Marketing Content Creation

Why you should design digital marketing content for each platform
Build Your Website

Build your Website

How your website draws people from social media to your home page
Monitor Your Marketing

Monitoring Your Marketing Activities to Maximise Opportunities

Why monitoring your online activities will retarget your message
Buyer Personas

Buyer Personas

How to target your messages so they connect with the right people
Maintain Your Marketing

Maintain your Marketing

How you can maintain your marketing momentum with this template
Measure The Marketing

Measuring Marketing Outcomes that Matter

Why measuring what matters is the key to the success of your service
Why Focus On Marketing

Why Focus on Marketing

The biggest tip for using the 7 Ms of marketing in your organisation
How to understand those grant guidelines!

How to Understand Grant Guidelines!

Know how to make the most of the application guidelines
How to answer Grant Application Questions

How to Answer Grant Application Questions

Know how to answer the questions in your application
Why you need to support your statements in your grant application

Why you Need to Support Your Statements in Your Grant Application

How to give the judges the key information they need
How to Structure your Grant Application Response

How to Structure your Grant Application Response

Know how to construct your application the right way
Stand out from the crowd

How to Write a Competitive Grant Application and Stand out From the Crowd

How to gain a competitive edge over other submissions

Incorporation: Step by Step

In this article we’ll discuss what incorporation means and guide you through the steps to become incorporated.
Legal Obligations

Boards and Committee Legal Obligations

It’s essential you know and understand your legal obligations as a committee member.
The Purpose of Your Event

The Purpose of Your Event

Before you jump into planning an event, it’s important to clarify what the purpose of the event is.
Step by step events

Events: Step by Step

Planning is the key to executing a well organised, enjoyable, and successful event.
Event mistakes

Events: Common Mistakes

Maximise the success of your event by avoiding some of these common mistakes.
Finance Basics

Finance Basics

Financial oversight is part of your organisation’s good governance, but it doesn't have to be painful.
Understanding Common Financial Reports

Understanding Common Financial Reports

As a committee member, you should regularly review financial reports and statements.
How to understand those grant guidelines!

Introduction to Grant Writing

The four abilities of grant writing will help you understand the strategic thinking required for successful grant applications.

Four Abilities for Grants

Capability is about the capacity and ability of your human resources.
Sponsor says yes

Get Sponsors to Say Yes

Sponsorship is about building relationships with organisations that share your values and goals.
risk management

What is Risk Management?

Risk management is a process of identifying, assessing and minimising risks to your organisation.
Types of fundraising

Types of Fundraising

There are many ways to raise funds and each one comes with their own pros, cons, and legal obligations.
Due Diligence

Due Diligence

9 steps to understand your roles and responsibilities on a committee or board [Video Series]
Fundraising and the law

Fundraising and the Law

Doing a little bit of research now, could save you, and your organisation, a lot of legal heartache down the line.
Donor Persona

Donor Personas

One simple tool you can use to help you achieve your fundraising goals is to develop donor personas.
Ten Golden Rules

Ten Golden Rules of Risk Management

By following these 10 simple rules and creating a risk management plan, you will help protect your organisations from risks.
Volunteer thinking

Volunteering: What to Think About Before Signing up

Before volunteering, it’s important to consider why you want to volunteer and what you want to achieve.
Hand writing a submission

5 Step Formula To A Winning Submission [Course]

This course is specifically for nonprofits, charities and social enterprises, who are applying for grants, tenders, and award submissions.

Complying with ACNC Standards

How to comply with ACNC standards

Legislative and Good Practice Constitutional Changes for WA Associations

This course is designed to assist non-profit organisations who need to review/amend/modify or replace their constitution.
Online Training Webinar

How to apply for a Supplementary Volunteer Grant [Webinar]

I'll take you through the application and guidelines, step by step, and share winning tips and a simple method to increase your chance of writing ...
Deliveries in Covid

Volunteering During COVID [Course]

Volunteers are vital to a healthy community, especially during a pandemic like COVID-19. This free course will give you practical tips to stay safe while ...

FRRR Strengthening Rural Communities Grant [Webinar]

This webinar will be focused on the Foundation for Regional & Rural Renewal's Strengthening Rural Communities Grant.
Simple Plan

Getting Started: Simple Plans for Small Groups

Practical tools to help you guide discussions and develop a simple plan for a small group
Mission or Vision Statement

How to Differentiate Between a Vision and Mission Statement?

A discussion on how to identify if you're looking at vision statement, or a mission statement.
Someone disconnected from the purpose

What Happens When People Aren’t Connected With Your Purpose?

A discussion about an organisations purpose and what to do if people don't align.
General meeting

Can Members Request a General Meeting?

A discussion about can members request a general meeting of the organisation?
General Meeting

Strategic Planning [Course]

This recorded advanced webinar workshop on strategic planning is suitable to service based boards.
How to create content without a budget

How to Create Content Without a Budget

Some of the questions I get about drafting an annual comms plan or drafting social media content creating social media content is well we actually, ...
Girl wondering what Auspicing means

What is Auspicing?

In simple terms, it’s where another organisation supports your organisation.
Annual Communications Plan

How to Create an Annual Communications Plan [Course]

Learn how to create content that will engage and connect with your organisation’s community.
Board members around a table

Questions to Ask Your Board [Course]

If you’re new to a committee or board, or a long-time member this course will go over the foundational essentials you really should know to ...

How to Apply for the Australia Post Community Grant [Webinar]

This recording of the webinar will take you step by step through the guidelines of the current Australia Post Community Grant Round.

Changing Your Constitution

Watch this webinar presented by legal expert Dominic Cudmore for the top points to consider when reviewing or changing your constitution.

Committee Nomination Form

This form will help you manage the committee member nomination process at your AGM.
Membership Application Form

Membership Application Form

Your membership application form will help you manage eligibility; compliance to the rules and voting rights!
Volunteers during fundraising workshop

Fundraising Risks for Community and Non Profit Organisations

Better fundraising leads to better outcomes. Help your Australian not-for-profit use good standards of accountability and governance.
ANZ Seeds of renewal

ANZ Seeds of Renewal Grant Writing 2021

This recorded webinar will take you step by step through the guidelines of the current ANZ Seeds of Renewal Round 2021
Taking Minutes

How to Take Meeting Minutes

Have you ever been asked to take minutes at a meeting and panicked because you didn’t know what to do? The take a deep dive ...
Volunteers discussing about Governance risk

Governance Risks for Community and Grassroots Organisations

Community and grassroots organisations have unique governance risks. But good governance creates a positive, accountable culture.
Girls during event

Covid-19 Event Risk Management for Charities: A Checklist

Is your charity planning an event or fundraiser? Our Covid-19 event risk management checklist keeps you safe and successful.
People discussing

Governance Risks for Service-Based Organisations

Service-based organisations like childcare services and neighbourhood centres face unique governance risks. Check our list here.
Ladies presenting home made food

Fundraising Risks for Registered Charities

Charity fundraising comes with inherent risks. These recommendations can help you use best practices to stay accountable.
Crowd of people with checklist overlay

Event Risk Management for Charities and Not-For-Profits

Is your organisation planning an event? If so, it is essential to identify and manage the risks. Event risk management helps you prepare.
20 Australian dollar note

Deductible Gift Recipients Status [Course]

What is DGR status and who can apply. We explore DGR endorsements, categories, obligations and entities that may find it difficult obtaining DRG endorsement.
Group of people looking at constitution

Getting to Know Your Constitution

Your not-for-profit’s constitution is an essential governing document. As your organisation changes, your constitution might change too.
boys writing notes

What is a Code of Conduct and Why Do You Need One?

Our code of conduct articulates your organisation’s core values. It also establishes ethical and behavioural standards for members and employees.
ladies on meeting

Informed Decision Making in Your Not-For-Profit

How does informed decision-making lead to better governance in not-for-profits? This simple checklist will help your organisation make better decisions.
sticky paper

Staying On Top of Your Financials

Staying on top of financials helps your organisation keep accountable. Learn how your whole committee can better understand your financial status.

3 Essential Financial Documents

Learn about your not-for-profit’s three essential financial documents and how they can support good governance, accountability, and transparency.
Coffee mug in front of computer screen

Governance and Your Organisation

Good governance is essential for the health and efficacy of not-for-profits.
People during Annual meeting

How to Run Your AGM

Join our governance expert Natalie Bramble as she explains how to run a smooth and legally compliant AGM.
inland rail

How to win a Inland Rail Community Grant

This recorded online workshop will take you step by step through the guidelines of the current 2021 Inland Rail Community Grants Round.
Team members discussion

Top 3 Effective Communication Skills

In your not-for-profit and your everyday life, communication skills matter. The way you communicate can determine whether you’re understood, trusted, promoted, and more. Solid communication ...

How to Build Positive Team Culture

How people communicate, learn, resolve conflicts, and collaborate within a team depends a lot on work culture. Leaders can help build positive team culture by ...

3 Tips for Developing Self Leadership

Self-leadership starts with a good understanding of who you are, where you’re going, and what you want to achieve along the way. Self-leading skills help ...
Guy attending online meeting

6 Tips to Improve Your Online and In-Person Presentations

If you dread presentations, it can be helpful to remember you’re not alone. An estimated 75% of people have a fear of public speaking. Luckily, ...
3 ways pole

3 Ways to Lead in Uncertain Times

Level-headed, focused leadership is essential in any organisation, especially when working with not-for-profit volunteers. In uncertain times, like a global pandemic, fear and confusion can ...
Time management

Time Management Tips for Not-For-Profits

Is learning about time management a good use of your time? Absolutely. You might be surprised how efficient and productive you are after adopting a ...
Grants Calendar

Develop Your Grants Calendar

Don't wait for funding announcements. Learn how to develop a handy grants calendar and save stress by planning ahead.
Collaboration to increase opportunities

Collaboration to Increase Opportunities

Consider collaborating to increase access to sponsorship opportunities and project impacts.
50 Australian dollar

3 Ways to Find Grants Funds

Discover three ways you can proactively identify grants and reduce the time spent searching.
People Structure Tree

Organisational Structure

Understand and explore the governance and management structure of organisations.
Legal Structures

Legal Structures

Understand and explore the governance and management structure of organisations.
Board Assessments

Board Assessments and Evaluations: An Introduction

Good boards aren't an accient. To keep them on track, t's helpful to have regular assessments and evaluations of their performance.

Creating a Child Safe Organisation

Any organisation that works or comes into contact with children and young people should create a child safe culture. A child safe organisation respects the ...
kids playing todether

Creating a Child Safe Code of Conduct

A Child Safe Code of Conduct is a document that guides and instructs every member of your organisation in child safety and wellbeing. Specifically, it ...
Girl playing game on phone

Keeping Children and Young People Safe Online

Online platforms provide children and young people with various options to learn, play, and connect. More than ever, children and young people can easily access ...

Top 10 tips for your grant budget

We can all benefit from being able to better understand budget requirements for grants. Improve your chance of winning that next grant!
Collaboration to increase opportunities

5 Tips for effective meetings

Hear governance expert Natalie Bramble’s top 5 tips for effective meetings.

5 Tips for Recruiting Volunteers

Taking a fresh look at how you recruit volunteers can be incredibly helpful for your organisation. Doing so can help you locate volunteers and keep ...
Group of people enjoying sunset

5 Tips for Keeping Volunteers

With committed volunteers, your organisation can focus its time and energy on accomplishing its essential mission/purpose. And you can build a more cohesive, collaborative community ...
Young Volunteers

4 Steps to Attract Youth Volunteers

Everyone in your organisation can benefit from the energy and passion of youth volunteers. They bring fresh insights, innovative ideas, and boundless creativity to ...

Approving Your Budget

Learn what information is contained in a budget, red flags to look out for, and questions to ask before voting to approve a proposed budget.
Analysing risk

Risk Management

Watch our governance expert Natalie Bramble as she explains the importance of risk management.
Hand holding mic

Volunteer Interview

Hear what drives people to volunteer in the community, why volunteers are important, and how to encourage people to volunteer with your organisation.

Develop Your Event Plan

This workshop will help you create an outline of your event that you can use to start obtaining sponsorship funding, applying for grants and getting ...

Developing a Funding Ready Project

A handy template for you to start developing your project ready for your funding pitch.

Social Impact

Watch our two not-for-profit experts and learn what social impact is and how to identify the difference you make.

How to Develop a Logic Model [Course]

A logic model is a structured process to use to plan and assess your organisations purpose and what you are doing to achieve that purpose. ...

Create a Sponsorship Plan

Watch this recorded workshop to help you create a sponsorship plan.
Ladies collecting funds

What do Volunteers want Post-Covid?

Volunteers play an important role in hard times. That’s why volunteers are so essential. You need to understand what volunteers want to attract and retain ...
People holding hands together

Building a Culture That Encourages Volunteers

Since Covid, volunteer activity has dropped. That’s why building an encouraging culture is more important than ever. An encouraging culture shows appreciation and reminds volunteers ...
Leading a volunteers

What is a Volunteer Manager?

Your organisation relies on the hard work of volunteers. And having volunteers means onboarding, training, and supervising them. That’s why Volunteer Managers are so important.
People involving in volunteering work

How to Get Volunteers More Engaged Post-Covid

While many tried-and-true methods of engaging volunteers are still valid, revisiting your organisation’s tactics and strategies post-Covid is essential. A lot has changed over a ...
Fundraising Plan

Developing a Fundraising Plan

Watch this recorded workshop to help you create a fundraising plan.
Two people talking

Accidental Counsellor

Learn how to become a good listener, resolve emotional situations, learn about your own triggers, and how not to take things personally.

Introduction to Grant Writing [Course]

Whether you are new to grant writing or looking to refine your skills, this course provides valuable knowledge and practical techniques.

Introduction to Grant Writing [Course]

Whether you are new to grant writing or looking to refine your skills, this course provides valuable knowledge and practical techniques to increase your chances ...
Board members around a table

Starting a Not-for-Profit

Thinking of launching a not-for-profit?  We dive headfirst into the world of not-for-profits. Whether you’re a seasoned philanthropist or just starting out, we go through ...

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