Customised Not for Profit Training

Not every organisation share the same objectives. That’s why we tailor our learning options to you.


Digital Learning

Online training keeps your message consistent. You can deliver the standardised training on-demand to anyone, anywhere, at any time. So, you pay once and train all your people with the same message for as long as you need. This high return on investment is why online training is growing in popularity across all sectors. 


Blended Learning

Get the best of both with our blended learning options. If you need the accessibility of online training but want a person to lead the learning, you can customise your content delivery. We’ll work with you to find practical approaches and reach your learning objectives 


Flipped Learning

The “flipped classroom” is a form of blended learning (e-learning and classroom learning) where learners view lectures online and then engage in other learning-related activities in the classroom. 


Micro Learning

Microlearning is our bite-sized learning option. We focus on a single point so learners apply new knowledge and skills quickly. Micro learning offers only the information necessary to achieve a specific, actionable objective. This streamlines the training and makes the micro option more affordable and updatable. 


Drip Fed Courses

Scheduled lesson delivery is effective for delivering larger amounts of content into manageable chunks without overwhelming the user. Everyone progresses at the same pace to digest the material. This is a good strategy for keeping users engaged with the content and interested.



There may be situations where face to face workshop delivery or facilitation is preferred. Some subjects may require a practical hands-on component, or the student demographics or infrastructure may pose barriers to engaging with technology. We have dedicated trainers, who have practical knowledge and experience in your sector. 

Learning Library

Learning Library

A learning hub is a great way to centralise and share training and knowledge across your organisation or community. Creating a centre of relevant digital learning resources delivers consistent on-demand training, leverages valuable knowledge across your organisation or community and reduce training costs. 

Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Keynote speakers established in their field with over 11 years of actively training and volunteering, share their lessons and experiences on many topics.


Hosted Solutions

Already have training content that can be made into an online course? We curate your existing training material and host it on our custom learning management platform. Students enrol and access the structured learning layout including interactive elements, quizzes, gamification and peer learning. 

Your objectives are our objectives

We’ll work hard to give you the best fit for delivering your training.

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