Case Study

Education and Care Services Committee and Board Induction

“With access uninhibited by geography, cost and time, we can deliver this important course to community members.”
Hon. Simone McGurk MLA
Minister for Community Services
“The level of knowledge, quality of work and professionalism demonstrated by the project team has been exceptional.”
Jane Chilcott, CEO


The Department of Communities, Education and Care Services regulatory unit had identified an opportunity to strengthen sector knowledge of legal responsibilities and general governance practice of childcare centres. 


The course had to be delivered across the state of Western Australia and consideration for data downloads and connectivity was essential.  

The information had to provide value to both first-time and existing, knowledgeable board and CEOs in education and care services.

The course had to be built so that legislative changes, including upcoming changes to the childcare standards and incorporations legislation, could be included, and readily updated as needed in the future.

The course budget was pre-determined from cost savings made elsewhere and the induction course had to be delivered on-budget.  


Working in partnership with the state-based association, Linkwest we transformed text-heavy content they had developed into an engaging eCourse.

We used a video-first strategy for the induction course, with a range of information the user could work through, completing competency assessments. Gamification was introduced via competency badging and a certificate was awarded at the completion of the course quiz. 

This course was launched in October 2018. 


The induction course student data demonstrated only 33% of responses reported a reasonable understanding of governance and the laws and legislation surrounding childcare. Making the task even more challenging, half of all students reported having no prior knowledge or experience in governance.

These survey results were then compared with a post-course survey conducted on completion. All respondents reported improvement and 94.5% of responses indicated as a minimum, they now felt they had attained a reasonable level in their knowledge and understanding of governance and how to maintain compliance with the laws and legislation surrounding childcare.

82% of which acknowledged that they ‘know there is much more to learn’. An important part of our course design is to identify areas for further learning and encourage students to continue to develop their skills. This was a particularly important and satisfying result, as an objective of our eLearning courses is to foster a culture of continuous improvement and create lifelong learners.


We have embedded Social Return on Investment into the courses. This is a critical element for Government and Associations to report on, particularly when acquitting funding or reporting to the treasury. For every $1 invested by the Department, the courses returned $209 (1:209 ratio) in social return.


“What a fabulous interactive and interesting course. I found it engaging and easy to listen to. Definitely the best online course I have done so far.”
Tracy Blaszkow
Manager Play @ Kidsafe WA
"I found this course to be informative without getting bogged down with too much jargon and obscure concepts. The information was succinct, easy to understand, digestible and something I hadn't even considered before. Thank you so much."
Gayle (student)
"Thank you for making the Committee's roles clear, for giving such short sharp succinct information in a very user-friendly manner. Even though as a Director for many years I have worked with many different Management Committee members, this information will be very valuable for anyone who takes the course. I have earmarked several areas for improvement. Thank you."
Fawnlawdavis (student)
"I loved the fact this learning process was interactive with videos, pictures and quizzes. The lesson transcript is also a great idea. The knowledge-based content was fantastic. Well Done"
Emma Reynolds (student)
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