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“Thanks so much for your constructive feedback on our online learning module to deliver education to our target group. It has completely changed our approach and strategy for delivering the course. We’ll definitely be bringing you on in 2020 to develop our next course with us”
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A state-wide agency approached us to help with an eLearning project. There was a 5-month turn-around due to funding acquittals due on 30th June 2019.   

In that time, they had to:

  • Determine the learning management system they would use to deliver their content.  They would either have to pay a high monthly fee or spend additional resources getting it built into their website.
  • Work with an instructional designer; graphic designer; user experience designer; videographer and video editor and producer.

Whilst we could provide all of the above, the board had made a decision to try the DIY approach, not realising the additional burden this placed on their small team 


The CEO contacts us a few months into the project, expressing concern about the project quality, budget and timely delivery. She sought advice on the material their instructional designer had endorsed ready for.


At a glance, we were able to identify the following issues:

  • The material was written for a different audience than the course was intended for.
  • The information needed to be delivered in a more engaging way, rather than a ‘data dump of statistics and knowledge’
  • The target audience needed the knowledge to be able to develop tools and strategies to use in their job role.

We provided advice on the target personas and learning content targeted to solve their problems and provide them with an example of how we would restructure their learning content.

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