Measuring Marketing Outcomes that Matter

Why measuring what matters is the key to the success of your service

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iClick2Learn Team

In this unit, we’re going to be talking about measuring. So these, of course, are data. Indicators of what you’re doing, is it working, is it not working, and where you’re retargeting. How has that improved what you’re doing? So measurements are really important, but the key thing here is that you’ve got to measure what matters. We could measure ’til the cows come home. There’s so much stuff we could measure. 

When you’re thinking about analytics, your website, obviously Google Analytics, they’re brilliant. That is the go-to analytics for websites. We have data that comes through our social media, Facebook pages, but what you’ve got to ask is, what actually matters? Do likes matter or do conversations matter? Or do what Facebook now call reactions matter? So where someone likes it, versus where they choose to love it. What actually matters? What are the analytics that matter to you, that tell you that you’re actually connecting and resonating with your audience, that you’re converting your audience? You’ve got to have some discussions around that. Analyse that data. Spot the weaknesses in what you’re delivering, in the marketing and issues that you’re delivering, and of course, the great thing is, if you can spot the weaknesses, that the whole point is about not replicating them. I

f that’s not going to work, well, let’s try something else, or let’s try it a different way. Let’s look at retargeting. But then you look at things that do work, and you look at how can we replicate that and duplicate that across the different mediums that we use. Remember, though, that this is predictive to a point. We might think, based on past history and based on what we know, we think this is going to fly. 

We think this is really going to get a lot of engagement, but then we post it, and it doesn’t, because, you know, things happen. You know, we get the latest trends and fads and people get distracted on Pokemon Pokemon tours around cities and whatever it might be, so it is predictive to a point. But the whole point is that, at least now, you’re making decisions based on data. You’re not making decisions just based on I think this is going to work.

Because ultimately, it’s all about creating an audience. We need more conversations happening about our organiation, we need more attendees at our events or in our services, which leads to more revenue and sustainability. Of course, for many, that’s going to be your ultimate goal. And that’s why it’s so important to measure what matters with metrics.

Here’s an example of some of the things that you could measure. Number of people that are sharing, the shares per, where it says advocate, per a friend. So if you’ve got 600 friends and you only have six shares, how many is that? If you’ve only got six people that consistently share things, that tells you stories, that data tells you information and stories about your marketing.

How many times do we get clicks through to your website when you’re providing that link to your website? What’s what we call a conversion rate? Is it quite high, is it low? These are examples of some metrics that you might like to use.

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