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The biggest tip for using the 7 Ms of marketing in your organisation

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Thanks for joining us on the Seven Ms to Marketing. I hope that it has sparked for you some new ideas and new thoughts and new directions to improve your marketing and the results of all of that time that I know you’re putting into it. 

The biggest tip that I can give you at this point, after having looked through the course, is that don’t underestimate the value and the time spent in the planning and the monitoring and measuring phase. That planning, monitoring, and measuring are the foundations to every, to decisions that you make about what you’re going to do with your marketing and what you’re going to share. 

So please spend the time doing those and getting those right because what you will find is, if you’re spending the time planning and working out who your personas are, you’re now speaking their language, and the marketing messages are actually resonating with them. I know you want to know more. It’s probably sparked a whole lot of questions for you, and of course, we have a whole heap of resources, courses, and the forum is always available for you. 

So please do connect there and ask, ask us any question there. There are peers and subject matter experts on that forum, so ask away. Thanks very much. My name’s Natalie Bramble, and I hope to see you in another course in the near future.

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