Volunteer Supervisor

Why a volunteer co-ordinator or volunteer supervisor is essential to successful volunteer teams.

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iClick2Learn Team

Video Transcript

Volunteering isn’t something that just happens, unless it’s something like disaster relief. Volunteering is a planned approach and most organisations need to take time to consider and to coordinate how and when they’re going to use volunteers and what the genuine need for volunteers are. 

Depending on the organisation, there may be a volunteer co-ordinator to do this. The volunteer co-ordinator might be a volunteer themselves or a paid staff member. They going to be the main point of contact for volunteers. They’ll provide ongoing support, they might work out how many volunteers are needed and for what roles. They may also do the roster, organise volunteers and delegate projects and tasks. They could also be responsible for creating position descriptions, colliding checks like police checks and working with children checks, identifying risks, and understanding the impact of those risks. 

Creating policies and procedures, managing and evaluating orientation or induction programs and creating volunteer handbooks. Some other things that volunteer co-ordinators could do, organising training and demonstrations and resolving conflict. These might be roles, that are actually split up between various volunteers. So may not just be one volunteer who does all of those things.

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