How to Develop a Logic Model [Course]

How to Develop a
Logic Model [Course]

A logic model is a structured process to use to plan and assess your organisations purpose and what you are doing to achieve that purpose.

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In this course, you will be guided through the logic model process. Download the templates and work through each area of the model to develop your logic model. Some call this, their theory of change model.  It can also be used at a program, project or service level. This is generally called program logic when at that level.
It visually shows the link between the resources you need (Inputs), what you do (Activities); and the results of this from an immediate (Outputs) to mid-term (Outcomes) and long-term (Impact) perspective. You could think of it as a visual guide to the social impact you create.
When it’s used for planning purposes there are a lot of assumptions in the model. Things that you need to test and assess as you implement. You then use this to assess if these things actually happened and if those results were achieved.
This helps you develop a case for funding and helps you focus resources on the aspects that deliver the most value.  You will be able to then ask which elements of the model you want to measure and plan how to measure this.  
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