Governance Risks for Service-Based Organisations

Service-based organisations like childcare services and neighbourhood centres face unique governance risks.

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Authored by: iClick2Learn Team

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Governance Risk for Service Based Organisations

It is vital to manage governance risks for service-based organisations. Doing so will help you meet compliance, governance, organisational, and statutory requirements. When you safeguard and minimise governance risks, you can avoid poor quality governance. 

Some indicators of poor governance might be:

  • An isolated culture that discourages speaking up
  • Little support or interest in clients or families
  • Weak data reporting and monitoring actions
  • A disengaged board
  • Viewing entrenched problems with apathy, refusal to address them

Quality governance goals in service-based organisations include:

Effective: To provide appropriate services at the right time, in the right way, while supporting the right outcomes for every person. 

Safe: To provide services free from preventable harm.

Person-centred: To support and enable people while forming partnerships and encouraging them to participate meaningfully.

Connected: To provide people with services and support to achieve shared goals.

Quality governance can help your service-based organisation operate safely and effectively with a focus on person-centred connection. By consistently evaluating, monitoring, and improving, you can ensure good governance leading to optimal outcomes. 

Governance Risks: Questions for Your Board

  • Do we have clear accountability and ownership? Good governance involves taking responsibility for the services you provide to the community. This includes compliance with departmental and legislative policy requirements. 
  • Do we have effective resource allocation and planning? Regular education and training for staff can help your staff maintain and improve their skills. 
  • Do we value transparency? It is essential to encourage transparency and accuracy in reviews, reporting, and decision-making.
  • Do we empower staff and clients? Your organisation’s culture should encourage safe services. Empowerment also includes an environment where people feel comfortable speaking up and believe that they are heard. 

Additional questions to consider:

  • Are we pursuing specific goals?
  • How do we plan to fix what is not working?
  • Do we have a shared definition of organisational success?
  • What are our quality and safety problem areas?
  • Are our staff sufficiently trained, skilled, and empowered?
  • What is our response to inappropriate behavior?
  • What does safety look like in our organisation?
  • What plans are in place to improve the efficacy of our systems?

Governance Risks for Service-Based Organisations: Board Responsibilities

Service-based organisation governing bodies:

  • Regularly gather information about the status of safety and quality within their organisation 
  • Monitor and regulate all aspects of services provided
  • Outline key risks and ensure risk management strategies are in place
  • Practice clear and regular reporting on the safety and quality of their services
  • Create a positive culture, clear direction, and distinct vision
  • Clearly delegate responsibility
  • Are accessible to all staff and remain engaged

Governance Risks for Service-Based Organisations: Conclusion

Good governance in your service-based organisation helps you stay clear on your risks and strengths. When you emphasize transparency and value accountability, your organisation sets a tone that inspires and empowers your staff and clients.

By asking questions and regularly reviewing the quality of your governance, your organisation can maintain healthy practises and create a positive culture that benefits everyone. 

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