Getting Started: Simple Plans for Small Groups

Practical tools to help you guide discussions and develop a simple plan for a small group

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For smaller groups, just sort of recapping on the content in the strategic planning videos is, you could start them off with that SOAR tool. So, what are the strengths, opportunities, aspirations and results, and just do a brainstorming and you could even start them with, well what do we want to achieve? And get them thinking aspirationally and then say, well what are our strengths that are going to help us with that. Yeah.

And what do you think our opportunities are? And then, okay, what are the indicators? What are the results? What are the indicators that again tell us that we’re getting there, that we’re making traction. And then I think that’s a really useful one from a strategy pace, and then you could do and now we’re how? Knowing that, where do we want to be in 12 months? And so they might say, for example, well in order to do that, we want to get another 50 volunteers, another 30 volunteers. It’s like, okay, so in 12 months we want another 30 volunteers, and okay, so where we are now is we’ve got 10 volunteers. So how are we going to, what are some thoughts and ideas to build that? And that’s a really, I find that approach with smaller groups in particular, it’s much more tangible and real to them. Yeah.

Than this big sort of picture strategy with these big aspirational goals, it might be a few years into the future.

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