Covid-19 Event Risk Management For
Charities: A Checklist

Is your charity planning an event or fundraiser? Our Covid-19 event risk management checklist keeps you safe and successful.

Authored by: iClick2Learn Team

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Covid-19 Event Risk Management for Charities

Charities, like all organisations, are affected by Covid-19 safety measures. Events, fundraisers, and dinners all look different with government-enforced guidelines and requirements applied. Even as Covid-19 guidelines ease, there are still many factors to consider when planning an event. Covid-19 event risk management helps your organisation plan safely and successfully.

Covid-19 Changes for Events: Your Checklist

If your charity is looking to resume events, your existing risk management procedures likely need to be updated. A Covid-19 event risk management strategy will help you resume events with maximum safety and efficiency. 

In light of Covid-19, consider the following for your next event:

Health and Safety

  • Hand washing and sanitising facilities for the public and the workforce
  • Deep clean schedules for venues
  • Training requirements for volunteers and workforce
  • Covid-19-specific WH&S risk assessment
  • Regularity of sanitising and cleaning operations
  • Covid-19 Safety Marshall
  • QR and manual check-in options


  • Temperature monitoring and other screening requirements
  • Collaboration with local public health authorities
  • Tracking who is in the venue
  • Health declarations pre-event
  • Enhanced onsite medical teams
  • Protocols for suspected and confirmed persons symptoms


  • Pre-packaged catering rather than self-serve
  • All caterers comply with safety requirements
  • Increased standards for hygiene safety
  • Volunteer and workforce training on standards and compliance

Event Operations and Venues

  • “New normal” workplace practice
  • Pre-event and pre-travel health checks
  • Staff wellbeing post-lockdown
  • Revised seating plans for limited capacity
  • Maintenance schedules up-to-date

Financial and Management

  • Venue use agreements in compliance with national Covid-19 recommendations
  • Revision of welfare support and HR policies
  • Revision of ticket terms and conditions/refund policy
  • Sponsorship and licensing contracts extended/renewed

Covid-19 Event Risk Management: Safeguarding Volunteers

Planning an event post-lockdown can be exciting for your charity. As you take Covid-19 considerations, safeguarding volunteers remains a top priority.

You can help keep everyone safe by:

  • Giving volunteers access to official sources for current information
  • Providing volunteers with appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) and facilities
  • Clarifying what volunteers should do if they become ill
  • Educating volunteers on concerning symptoms
  • Requiring all volunteers to practice good hygiene and social distancing
  • Requiring volunteers to stay away from the workplace if they are ill and encouraging them to get prompt medical care
  • Giving volunteers a point of contact to discuss concerns
  • Immediately seeking advice from health authorities if you have a confirmed case of Covid-19 in your workplace

Covid-19 Event Risk Management: Conclusion

As fundraising activities and events resume, Covid-19 event risk management can keep your charity safe and compliant. Along with the other good work your organisation achieves, minimising the risk of Covid-19 transmission remains essential. Your charity may be planning its first event in a long while. Whether you are hosting a dinner or fundraiser, you can ensure maximum
safety and success by adhering to the latest Covid-19 guidance and regulations.

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