What is Good E-Learning

What is Good

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Offline training issues

There are many circumstances prevent people from attending traditional face to face training.

Training’ is becoming more costly, and time-consuming.

People have to wait for scheduled training, and It can be months to the next opportunity. There’s travel, lost productivity, wages costs, and out of pocket expenses as well.

And there’s always people that miss out. 

So you decide to put your resources online to make them more accessible. But the material is often just re-purposing manuals and downloadsSo hardly anyone is using it!

Benefits of online learning

Online learning provides a delivery method that fits peoples busy work-life schedule regardless of their learning pace, or style.

And it’s on demand. Nobody misses out or has to wait.

And that pile of resources nobody is using?

When your content is crafted into online learning, it will be clearer to understand, and people are more likely to engage with it.

Reducing training costs are often the main reason why organisations switch from traditional classroom-based training to eLearning.

That’s why online learning has grown by over 900% as a preferred delivery method since 2001.

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Natalie Bramble training online

What is good online learning?

Those death by powerpoint presentations with boring bullet points, and drawn out lectures just don’t cut it anymore, 

Good online learning combines visual communications, instructional design graphic design and a positive learner’s experience.

It reduces cognitive load for the learner by breaking the content into micro-learning, so they can process the information more easily.

Good online learning should also be accessible for people who have a hearing or vision impairment, so lessons should have high contrasting colours, easy to read fonts, transcripts and closed captions.

eLearning best practices

Good online learning should include scenarios which improves the ability to recall the information. And the narrative should be short and concise, and the text easy to read. The key messages should be repeated throughout the course.

And to help meaningful learning and be engaging, lessons should include interactives like multiple choice quizzes, tests, scenarios, and animated video.

And it uses storytelling to form an emotional connection.

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Looking for an online training solution for your individual needs?

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