Volunteering 101 [Course]

In the eCourse, you’ll learn: knowing yourself as a volunteer, volunteer organisations, volunteer roles, and how to stay safe in your role.

Author by: iClick2Learn

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Course Details

Many people don’t know what their roles and responsibilities are before they start volunteering, and others don’t know the value that they bring to organisations in their critical role as a volunteer.

Knowing this information beforehand can help you become a better volunteer.

By focusing on getting the most out of your volunteer time, and thinking about how you use the skills and experience you have to offer can be of huge benefit both to you, and the organisation you are volunteering for.

So many people jump into volunteering without knowing the key information; or without considering what they can give and get in return from the experience and in some cases, this can lead to a really bad volunteering experience.

This eCourse is a great introduction and refresher to volunteering and will help make your volunteering experience one you will enjoy!

This eCourse provides volunteers with:

  • “A better understanding of their role, rights & responsibilities”
  • “A better idea of what is expected of them as part of a community group”
  • In this eCourse new and existing volunteers will explore:
  • The benefits you receive as a volunteer
  • Skills; knowledge and experience you have to offer as a volunteer
  • Your time commitments you can offer
  • The types of volunteer roles that suit your motivation and skillsets
  • Key things to know about an organisation before you offer to volunteer
  • Getting to know what organisations expect from volunteers, and what they offer volunteers
  • Tips on staying safe while volunteering

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