Avoid the 6 Common Mistakes Submission Writers Make [Course]

The main reason that judges don't say yes is that you don't give them the information they need.

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The number one reason that judges don’t say yes is that you don’t give them the information they need.

As an assessor, these 6 areas are the main ones that I, and my other co-assessors find frustrating

These are areas we are consistently marking down and it’s really easy to spot successful applications from those who just won’t make the cut just by checking these areas.

If you are making these mistakes, all your hard work and time you’ve spent on your submission can go to waste!

I’m going to go discuss these common mistakes and tell you how to avoid them in your future submissions!

The 6 common mistakes we’ll discuss are:

  1. The question hasn’t been addressed
  2. Need to know V’s good to know information
  3. Only some components of the question have been addressed
  4. No supporting statistics or facts
  5. Information is confusion
  6. Terminology and buzz words

In just 12 minutes, you will learn the critical things you need to do to avoid these 6 common mistakes.

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