5 Step Formula To A Winning Submission [Course]

Author by: iClick2Learn

This course is specifically for nonprofits, charities and social enterprises, who are applying for grants, tenders, and award submissions.

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I know all too well how much time, effort and brainpower you invest into these submissions, with some of you working late hours and weekends, meeting deadlines, researching and trying to find information to write that grant submission. I honestly wish I had this formula when I started writing grants, it would have made my life so much easier! The formula I’m share with you addresses errors that writers make. So if you want to improve your success with grants and if you want to help your community and win that grant, this course is for you.

Learn how to give the accessor the information they need by:

  • A method to assess what the question is really asking
  • Structuring your response
  • Providing supporting information
  • Strengthening your language
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