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Legislative and Good Practice Constitutional Changes for WA Associations

This course is designed to assist non-profit organisations who need to review/amend/modify or replace their constitution.  This course will explore the template constitution and its supporting manual in detail to help you develop a constitution that doesn’t just comply with the act, but also helps you get on with the work you do by ensuring you aren’t distracted by situations similar to those you may have had in the past!

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Course Content

Adopting or Adapting the Template Constitution
1 - 3: Preliminary Clauses
4 - 6: [Charitable] Object, Purposes and Powers
7 - 12: Members – Membership Requirements
13 - 14: Annual General and Special General Meetings
15 - 16: Annual General and Special General Meetings - Resolutions
19 - 24: Board and Directors
25 - 27: Board Meetings
28: Subcommittees and Other Delegation
29 - 30: Finances
31: Binding the Association
32 - 33: Minutes, Books and Records
34 - 36: Disputes
37 - 38: Service of Notices
39 - 41: Indemnity and Insurance
42 - 43: Occupational Safety and Health
44 - 45: Constitution and By-Laws
46 - 48: Winding up, Cancellation and Distribution of Surplus Property
Reducing Penalty risks in the new Act
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