Recommitting to purpose and impact

We do need to focus on metrics that matter. We do need to make sure that whoever is designing the strategic plan and proposing the metrics or whoever is in the room, if they’re offering some ways that we can measure it, ask them simply, do those metrics matter? Are they a direct line between what we say we want to achieve, and what is a measure of us actually achieving that? Those are the only ways that we’ll certainly progress and improve, you know, there’s a saying, and I can’t remember who said it, but there’s a saying that says, you know, you are what you focus on. And so make sure we’re focusing on the right things. 

So, those eight key things are really important when we’re rethinking our approach. When we’re rethinking how we’re going to think about the strategic planning process. How’re we going to think about our organisation’s future? The end of the day, that’s actually what we’re doing. 

We might call it strategic planning but the big thing is we’re actually here to design our future and so we need to consider the impacts of these and you know from my perspective whether you’re a small organisation with a couple of members and 100 dollars, fundraising every year, or whether you’re a large organisation with 100 million dollars and you do a lot of services and programs, actually it doesn’t matter. 

There are lessons to be learnt in this for any type of organisation and I really hope you take that on board and think about how are these going to help you with your process?


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